Johnny’s Ambassadors Facebook Page

JOIN JOHNNY’S AMBASSADORS FACEBOOK PAGE today! Help us spread the word.

An Ambassador is “a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.”

Johnny’s Ambassadors work to keep Johnny’s spirit alive by helping us educate others on the dangers of using high-THC marijuana on the developing adolescent mind. Like our Facebook page and if you’re so inclined, share our posts on your page to help spread the word to other parents.

We also have a Facebook Group. Johnny wrote a college essay a few months before he died titled, “Values I Believe Are the Most Important.” He summarized his 5 core values as follows:

  1. Altruism – To me, altruism means being selfless or giving to other people, even when there may be nothing to gain and something to lose. Altruistic people do things for the collective interest instead of their own.
  2. Patience – In my own words, I would say patience means being able to wait, even in stressful and infuriating situations, often to achieve a better result.
  3. Conviction – I think conviction means showing confidence in what you believe in and know is the truth, and to stand by it.
  4. Enthusiasm – Enthusiasm is approaching every obstacle or situation with the utmost of optimism and cheerfulness.
  5. Gratitude – Simply put, expressing gratitude is showing you’re thankful for what you have, or a kind act. We keep Johnny’s legacy alive by reaching out in his honor to help others.

Ambassadors TAKE ACTION within their families, communities, audiences, and the world to demonstrate the five values and help others. Then we share our experiences and the outcomes with the rest of the group. The stories will be compiled into a book of stories to provide inspiration and healing to others! Of course, these aren’t the only important values, but these are the ones we choose to practice on purpose. Please join us by PURPOSEFULLY, ACTIVELY practicing these values in your own life and community.