Expert Speakers

Thank you to the presenters of our weekly Johnny’s Ambassadors Expert Webinar Series for Parents!

Belsher, Jody. “Parenting in the Realm of Today’s Marijuana”
Berndt, Debbie. “Marijuana Education and a Perspective on Teen Substance Abuse”
Crenshaw, Dave. “I’m Still Here: A Personal Story and Practical Plan for Suicide Prevention”
Niforatos, Luke. “How the Legalization of Marijuana Has Negatively Impacted Our Youth”
Riemer, Lynn. “Understanding All the Drugs Your Kids Are Using”
Rogers, Anne Moss. “Turning Pain Into Purpose: An Emotionally Naked Story” Recorded on June 19, 2020
Thurstone, Dr. Christian. “Marijuana and Our Children: The Blunt Truth”
Woodman, Nicole. “Self-Harm and Suicide: Stopping the Pain”