Laura Stack Presentation Set-Up Preferences

  • MICROPHONE. I have a weak voice and need a microphone if there are more than 20 people in the audience, please. I prefer a wireless (lapel) microphone if available.
  • LAPTOP. I will run my PowerPoint show from my PC laptop. It has a built-in HDMI connection. I will bring my own remote to advance my slides. Please provide a lectern, podium, or table to place my laptop (not the projector cart).
  • PROJECTOR AND CABLING. Please provide an EXTRA-LONG HDMI cable run from the projector up to the stage or front of the room where I’ll be speaking. I need to be able to touch my laptop from the front of the room to show videos and websites. I can’t leave my laptop in the back of the room with the projector.
  • SCREEN. Please set the projector and screen to the side of the stage (if not built in), versus on it or behind it.
  • BOOK TABLE. If I’m bringing books (or you pre-purchased them), please provide an additional table in the back of the room where we can set them up. We will provide the credit card reader and handle the sales. I will happily autograph books. We do not “sell” books but take donations only (suggested $20 donation).
  • LIGHTS. Please raise the house lights as high as they can go, even if the screen looks slightly dimmer.  I love energy, and a dim room promotes sleepiness.
  • WATER. Please provide a couple bottles of room temperature water.
  • BACKUP. I will bring a thumb drive with my slides as a backup.