Be a Certified Presenter

** Train the adults and youth in your community using our marijuana prevention curriculum! **

** If you are EMPLOYED BY A SCHOOL (not an agency, coalition, or partnership) as a middle school or high school classroom teacher and want to teach this content to your students, scholarships are available to use this content for free. Please see our teacher page and email [email protected]. **

Have you been asked to give a presentation in your classroom, community, or business on youth marijuana prevention? You can go through our train-the-trainer class (digital on demand), license our materials, and save yourself countless hours of time by using our PowerPoint, instructor manual, handouts, and videos! You do not need to be a “speaker.” You will receive all the files you need with the exact script on what to say! You’ll also receive a video of Laura Stack presenting the content, so you can practice. Everything is self paced, and you don’t have to wait for an in-person class to get certified.

As a Certified Johnny’s Ambassadors Trainer in your community, you’ll be teaching a one-hour, science-based class on “The Dangerous Truth About Today’s Marijuana: The Harms of Youth Marijuana Use.” Currently, we offer an adult/parent version (for audiences with no teens present) and a teen/student version.

You will be added to our directory by city and state, in case someone in your area is looking for someone to give a presentation.

The train-the-trainer class was recorded, so you don’t have to wait for it to be held again person. You’ll simply watch Laura teach the course until you feel comfortable teaching it on your own.


Each class is only $299 for individuals who wish to use the class in their work, or $999 for organizations with multiple trainers (such as schools – per location). If you want to host an event to raise funds for Johnny’s Ambassadors, please email [email protected].

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What will you get as a Certified Johnny’s Ambassadors Trainer?

  • All materials including PowerPoint, Trainer Notes, Handouts, and Videos
  • Quarterly meetings to brainstorm ideas with the other Certified Johnny’s Ambassadors Trainers across the U.S.
  • Intel on how to teach the course, find a location, recruit partners, and promote your event through local and social media
  • A copy of Laura’s book and special “Johnny’s Ambassador” lapel pin/tie tack to wear during your presentations! Bonus!
Adult/parent version

What Content is Covered in the Adult/Parent Curriculum?

• The potency of today’s “new” marijuana (with actual photos)
• Adolescent brain development
• Impacts of THC use on adolescents
• Risks of mental illness, psychosis, and suicide
• What parents can do to prevent teen use
• How to spot warning signs (Top Ten Teen Toking Tip-off Game)

Teen/student version

What Content is Covered in the Teen/Student Curriculum?

· “Then” vs. “Now” marijuana
· Why do youth use marijuana?
· Is marijuana medicine?
· Adolescent brain development (with whiteboard videos)
· Impacts of THC use on adolescents (cartoon series)
· Risks of mental illness, psychosis, and suicide
· How the marijuana industry markets to youth (with media examples)
· Marijuana FACT or CRAP gameshow

Our Founder, Laura Stack, presented an information session on licensing our curriculum and becoming a Certified Johnny’s Ambassadors Trainer:

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