For Middle School and High School Teachers

Johnny’s Ambassadors Youth THC Prevention wants to support you in teaching THC (vaping, dabbing, smoking, edibles) prevention to your students in the classroom!

If you are employed by a school district and personally teach students in a middle or high school classroom (health, PE, biology, site-based school nurse, prevention counselor, etc.), we have many FREE educational resources to support your substance abuse unit and Youth Marijuana Prevention efforts in the classroom! Click on a picture above for more information.

  1. You can become a Certified Johnny’s Ambassadors Trainer and teach our PowerPoint (detailed notes provided) to a group of students. Select “as a volunteer” when registering and identify your school and job title. This is for classroom use.
  2. We have worksheets you can print and discuss in your classroom with reflection questions and a teacher guide. We can also mail you hardcopies of the complete magazine (USA addresses only).
  3. We have videos you can project to your screen in class or assembly. We also have an entire presentation of Laura giving a student assembly online, cut up into 5-13 minute segments for your convenience to show over multiple class periods.
  4. For at-risk youth or those who get caught using marijuana at school, we have a self-paced, 8-module, online curriculum, free for up to 20 students a month, per school. This is often used by drug courts for diversion as well as a suspension alternative for students. A certificate of completion is issued once the student completes the online class. This is for individual use by a student, not taught by you.
  5. Teens who are interested in teaching our THC prevention curriculum to other students can join our TAG TEAM. They will need an adult sponsor (YOU) to supervise their activities, who will receive a small stipend.
  6. Use our online Teen THC Literacy Quiz and our Gameshow for fun, interactive activities for your substance prevention module.

The icons above link to each resource. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions on using these resources!