Online Marijuana Curriculum

We are seeking funding to develop our main online educational programming for teens on the dangers of today’s high-THC marijuana on the developing adolescent mind. The training will be built on a high-tech, innovative Learning Management System, which will be available to any teen with any device. We want to provide this education to a half-million teens in three years at NO CHARGE, thanks to our generous donors and funders. Please help!

We will use a modular approach of short lessons targeted toward 7th and 8th graders (13-14 years old). Students can take the course online at home with their parents, at school with a teacher in a health class, at youth group, Boys & Girls Club, during access in their homerooms, etc.

Module 1 has 8 lessons:

 1. Marijuana & THC & CBD: Same and Different
2. Types & Potency of Marijuana
3. Are THC and Marijuana Addictive?  Can Marijuana & THC Kill me? Facts Vs. Fiction
4. Marijuana and Brain Development at Ages 13 – 18
5. Is Marijuana Medicine?
6. Marijuana and Mental Illness: Psychosis and Schizophrenia
7. Can Marijuana Cause Suicide?
8. My Brain’s Main Job: You are your Brain’s BFF
(C) Johnny’s Ambassadors 2020. Proposed Online Teen Curriculum Lessons

Module 2 has 5 lessons:

1. Choosing Friends
2. Setting Goals (short & long-term)
3. Self-Regulation & Boundaries
4. Recognizing Risky Situations and Refusal Skills
5. Communicating with Parents/Caregivers
(C) Johnny’s Ambassadors 2020. Proposed Online Teen Curriculum Lessons

We will seek to reduce the gap in the perception of harm in marijuana and the actual harm of marijuana use. We are seeking contributions and/or grants from individuals and organizations with a heart for youth substance abuse, mental health, and suicide prevention. We welcome your donations of any amount.

For questions, please email [email protected]. Thank you!