No Leadership on Homelessness Prevention in California

Guest post by Heidi Anderson-Swan

Two states, Colorado and Washington, have pending bills to cap the THC concentrates at 15% and 30%, respectively. I applaud these efforts because their success will lower the rates of psychosis. However, it’s important to understand marijuana use is still an environmental risk factor for schizophrenia, even when the THC potencies are between merely 2-8%.  … Read the rest

Driving While Stoned

By Laura Stack
With thanks to Ed Wood for his input on this article

Driving while high on marijuana is a serious problem among American youths; legalization of marijuana makes it worse and more difficult to police. Curiously, there’s no gender gap involved, as there often is with other aspects of drug use; as of 2017, about the same number of boys and girls comprise the roughly 13% of teens who admitted to driving stoned in the past month.… Read the rest

The Truth About Marijuana and Depression

By Laura Stack

In 1971, psychiatrists Harold Kolansky and William T. Moore sounded an alarm about the effects of marijuana on young people that’s eerily reminiscent of many of today’s medical studies. Their study documented the effects of the relatively weak herb marijuana of the time, which rarely exceeded 3% THC concentration—as opposed to the 15-35% strains common today, not to mention the high-potency wax, shatter, and other butane hash oils available at 90%+ THC.… Read the rest

Darla D. — March 16, 2020

“This could very well be my story.  My son is just completing his treatment program thru CU ARTS program. If wanted, they come to your home and counsel you and the family twice a week for an hour and half, plus they have a bonus-based drug sobriety testing program. … Read the rest