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TEENS, how would you like to become a peer-to-peer educator to prevent youth THC use? Join Johnny’s TAG (Teen Ambassador Group) Team and become a trained advocate and mentor in your school or community!

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Johnny’s Ambassadors Youth THC Prevention, a nonprofit based in south Denver, CO, is seeking teens from student leadership councils, school prevention clubs, and community coalitions.… Read the rest

Cindy G — August 2, 2023

I typically do not post anything too personal as I’m a very private person. Since Haley’s passing, I have had several parents reach out and confide in me struggles they and their kids have been going through. I think this is because anyone that knows me knows that I was a very involved parent with Haley and her life and had a very close relationship with her, so if I didn’t have a clue she was struggling, it scares them with their own kids.… Read the rest