Catherine W — July 26, 2021

My daughter has been using Stizzy heavily; it’s 80% THC, and suffered cannabis induced psychosis. The last three months she has some level improvement but not much, and the day before yesterday, she decided to go out on her skateboard on a very busy street at midnight, and she was hit by a car.… Read the rest

Lisa B. — July 20, 2021

Yet another similar story.  Our son (20 as well) became psychotic after ingesting a 50 mg edible on his birthday (6/10) while he was also going through a dab cartridge every few days. He became increasingly paranoid and angry (180 degree turn from his usual gentle nature) to the point where he was so aggressive I had to leave my own house. … Read the rest

Michelle P — July 14, 2021

Our son began using high potency THC products at the age of 14, during his freshman year of high school at a friend’s house.  He quickly spiraled out of control… he got in trouble at school and was expelled.  He lost many friends and ended up dropping out of high school by his junior year. … Read the rest

What is 710 International Dab Day?

By Laura Stack

My name is Laura Stack, and we live in Highlands Ranch (a suburb south of Denver). My 19-year-old son, Johnny, died by suicide on November 20, 2019, after becoming psychotic from dabbing wax (marijuana concentrate). You can’t become psychotic from “just using weed,” you say?… Read the rest