Alli O — May 18, 2023

I was recently diagnosed with Cannabis-Induced Psychosis. I really scared my parents. I am 23 years old and now working to quit vaping now. I have huge aspirations and goals in life to create a Universal system for the United Nations around education, law, ethics and morality.… Read the rest

Barb K — May 16, 2023

I have been struggling with my son for 7 years.  He was diagnosed with ADD early childhood. He started refusing his Adderall,  & started smoking pot at age 16 to help him feel “normal” and less anxious.   His usage increased over time as he was self medicating for ADD & now depression. … Read the rest

Jackie C — May 15, 2023

My daughter was diagnosed a week into her first week at University of Oregon with Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome. She had been sick for a year with chronic vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite. We’d taken her to a Gastro doctor, a neurologist, and she was in therapy.… Read the rest

Drea C. — May 3, 2023

About a month ago we discovered that our 16-year-old son had been vaping CBD oil with THC.  There is a perception that CBD oil from hemp is harmless and even beneficial and it’s not. By law, CBD oil is supposed to be no more than 0.3% THC, however, there is little regulation and that is only for the original Delta 9THC and the product had added THC in other forms derived from the hemp including THC-P, THC-H and HHC-P which fall into a grey area and don’t count in the THC limit and are not regulated. … Read the rest


Do you know what 420 Day is? Why is today meaningful? And more importantly, where will your teen be at 4:20 PM today?

Because today, 4/20, is International Weed Day, the day people around the world celebrate a drug that remains illegal in the U.S.:… Read the rest

Tashua H – April 1, 2023

I am sorry for your loss. I am 52 years old. I have an addictive personality. Had to give up alcohol for concern of health issues and found medical marijuana. After a year on the program, I started using the tinctures and the concentrates with a product called a honey badger, and after eight months, I developed emphysema from the honey badger.… Read the rest