Winnie S — October 19, 2022

My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia just over a year ago and not long after survived a suicide attempt directly after vaping marijuana concentrate. He spent nearly two weeks in the hospital and underwent multiple surgeries (with more to come). While I understand it is a complex illness with multiple risk factors, I strongly believe my son’s schizophrenia- and very clearly his suicide attempt- were caused by marijuana.… Read the rest

Anonymous – October 17, 2022

My son is home just today from his first two months of freshman year of college. Super heavy THC vaping many times a day for a long time, maybe four years. He has terrifying anxiety in the afternoon hours, nausea, problems eating and swallowing if not high, talks about a darkness and depression that is like being in a trap, a dark room with no door and no hope of any light.… Read the rest