Today is ANTI-710 Day! What, you don’t know what 710 Day is? Ask your teens, and make sure you know where they are at 7:10 PM. Today, July 10, is Dab Day, because 710 turned upside down spell “OIL.” Why? Because participants are high on cannabis oil, which is one type of high-potency marijuana. While 420 Day celebrates marijuana in general, 710 Day celebrates the high-potency extracts called “dabs.” At 7:10 PM, users will celebrate the holiday by taking a dab.

What is a dab? Dabbing involves extracting the THC (the part that gets you high) from the cannabis plant. Users place a small amount of this concentrate (shatter, Butane Hash Oil, hash, wax, budder, honey, etc.) into a heating element called a dab rig or pen and inhale the vapor as the concentrate sizzles.

Ummm…okay…what is the point of dabbing? Dabbing is a fast way to get very high, because it’s extremely potent, often times over 90% THC content (a chemical, not a plant). It only takes a second or two, and in that time a substantial amount of THC can be inhaled. The problem? If teens dab illegally, their brains are still forming, and marijuana has been proven to cause psychosis, mental illness, and increased suicidal ideation. Consider these facts:

17% of those who began their use in adolescence become addicted, and up to about 50% of those who become daily users end up with addiction:

The risk of persisting marijuana use is greater if the product is high in THC concentration:

The consensus is that use of marijuana with a THC content over 10% increases the risk of a psychotic disorder by 4 to 5-fold:

Yes, it’s everywhere, even where marijuana isn’t legal. Yes, your teens can get it. These products can all be ordered online quite easily or sold by an 18-year-old friend with a “medical” marijuana card.

Johnny’s Ambassadors mission is to educate parents, teens, and communities about the dangers of today’s potent THC products (marijuana, dabs, vapes, edibles) on adolescent brain development, psychosis, and suicide. Use the resources at to educate your community about ANTI-710 day. And make sure you know where your teen is today at 7:10 PM.

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