What is High-THC Marijuana?


Cannabis use among military veterans with PTSD: A great deal to gain or lose? January 2021

Drinking, smoking, and drug use linked to premature heart disease in the young – February 2021. Recreational drinking, smoking, and drug use is linked to premature heart disease in young people, particularly younger women, finds research published online in the journal Heart. Those who regularly use 4 or more substances are 9 times as likely to be affected, the findings indicate.

Frequent Cannabis Use by Young People Linked to Decline in IQ – January 2021

Op-Ed: Children and ‘Medical’ Marijuana by Dr. Libby Stuyt – February 2021

Recreational Marijuana Legalization and Use Among California Adolescents: Findings From a Statewide Survey – February 2021. Marijuana use among adolescents in CA increased after the state legalized the drug in 2016. Adolescent use had been steadily decreasing before legalization. There was an 18 percent increase in the likelihood of lifetime use and a 23 percent increase in past-30-day use.

Young‐adult compared to adolescent onset of regular cannabis use: A 20‐year prospective cohort study of later consequences – January 2021. Cannabis users who began regular use in their teens had poorer later life outcomes than non‐using peers. The larger group who began regular cannabis use after leaving high school accounted for most cannabis‐related harms in adulthood. Given the legalization of cannabis use in an increasing number of jurisdictions, we should increasingly expect harms from cannabis use to lie in those commencing use in young adulthood.


Associations Between Prenatal Cannabis Exposure and Childhood Outcomes – Sept. 2020

Benchmark Youth Drug Use Survey Finds Ongoing Upward Trends in Daily Marijuana Use Over Time – Dec. 2020. Increases in daily marijuana use among 12th graders continue to trend upwards, at 6.9% in 2020, versus 5.8% in 2018. And daily use among 8th graders is still 50% higher than it was just two years ago, and 30% higher among 10th graders. 

Big Marijuana targets teens as much as Juul does. Will Arizona also sue them for it? – February 2020

Compilation of marijuana research by George Spicka 2020

Dabbing and Vaping Soar Among Colorado High School Students – August 2020

Dabbing’ Concentrated THC Is Troubling New Trend Among Teens – February 2020

E-cigarette use among young adults: A latent class analysis examining co-use and correlates of nicotine vaping and marijuana – November 2020


Even occasional marijuana use raises risk of coronavirus complications, doctors say – April 2020

Even One THC Hit Carries Risk for Inducing Psychosis – March 2020

Even when sober, frequent marijuana users are dangerous drivers – January 2020

Examining Associations Between Licensed and Unlicensed Outlet Density and Cannabis Outcomes From Preopening to Postopening of Recreational Cannabis Outlets – Dec. 2020. A new study published in the American Journal of Addiction found that higher densities of marijuana storefronts as was associated with an increased likelihood that youth would use marijuana and consume more of it. 

Informed Consent: A Policy Prescription for Communicating Benefit and Risk in State Medical Marijuana Programs – 2020

In an exploratory randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study, psychoactive doses of intravenous delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol fail to produce antinociceptive effects in healthy human volunteers – In this exploratory controlled study, intravenous THC lacked significant antinociceptive properties in experimental model of acute pain (it failed to reduce pain using different methods of pain induction) – July 2020

Is Marijuana Addictive? National Institute on Drug Abuse July 2020

Low Potency Cannabis: Towards a Rational Policy – Peak Health Center

Mapping cannabis potency in medical and recreational programs in the United States – March 2020. In conclusion, our findings suggest that medicinal programs are operating in a similar fashion to recreational programs based on the products they offer online (high THC), which are not adequate for medical use and could contribute to risky misconceptions towards medicinal cannabis.

Marijuana Concentrates Spike THC Levels But Don’t Boost Impairment – CU June 2020

Marijuana Impairs Female Fertility – April 2020

Marijuana Legalization and Youth Marijuana, Alcohol, and Cigarette Use and Norms – July 2020

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Marijuana Withdrawal is Real, Study Shows – April 2020

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Prevalence of Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms Among People With Regular or Dependent Use of Cannabinoids – April 2020

Risk of Persistence and Progression of Use of 5 Cannabis Products After Experimentation Among Adolescents – more addiction for high THC – Jan. 2020

Tetrahydrocannabinol: harmful even in low doses – March 2020

The Marijuana Market As An “Essential Service” Threatens Everyone – April 2020

The Truth about Gateway Drugs and Addiction – February 2020


Weed Is Not Good for Your Heart, Studies Say – AHA August 2020

Today’s Marijuana: Much More Dangerous for Kids – Smart Colorado 2020

What’s the Deal with Cannabis? – February 2020

Researchers identify more than 100 toxic chemicals in cannabis smoke – June 2020

What is the prevalence and risk of cannabis use disorders among people who
use cannabis
? A systematic review and meta-analysis – November 2020


Acute Illness Associated With Cannabis Use, by Route of Exposure – Monte Oct. 2019

Dabs, Wax, Vaping Weed, Edibles and the Real Impact of High Potency THC Products: What Parents Need to Know – September 2019

Emergency Department and Radiological Cost of Delayed Diagnosis of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis – January 2019

Grey Matter Volume Differences Associated with Extremely Low Levels of Cannabis Use in Adolescence – March 2019

Legalized Cannabis in Colorado Emergency Departments: A Cautionary Review of Negative Health and Safety Effects – June 2019

Monitoring the Future – The National Institute on Drug Abuse – 2019

More kids using vape pens to smoke pot, police warn – February 2019

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National Institute on Drug Abuse – What is Marijuana? – December 2019

National Institute on Drug Abuse – What are marijuana’s long-term effects on the brain? – December 2019

Prescription Opioid Misuse and Use of Alcohol and Other Substances Among High School Students — Jones, Youth Risk Behavior Survey YRBS, United States, 2019

Potent pot, vulnerable teens trigger concerns in first states to legalize marijuana – June 2019

Relationship Between Recency and Frequency of Youth Cannabis Use on Other Substance Use – March 2019. Cannabis use is prevalent among youth and associated with other substance use. Efforts to scale up prevention programming and science-based messaging on risks of substance use are needed.

Teenagers vaping marijuana at higher rates than ever before, new study says – December 2019

Teens, young adults more likely to take up marijuana if parents use it – November 2019

What to Know About Marijuana Withdrawal – Jan. 2019


America’s Invisible Pot Addicts – August 2018

Changes in cannabis potency and first-time admissions to drug treatment: A 16-year study in the Netherlands – Psychological Medicine January 2018

Impact of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado on Adolescent Emergency and Urgent Care Visits – Aug. 2018

Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know – July 2018

What to call the plant, the paraphernalia, and the products (without sounding like an old hippie) – November 2018

2017 and later

Adverse Health Effects of Marijuana Use – April 2016

Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome: Current Insights – April 2017

Marijuana Dependence and Its Treatment – Dec. 2007

Marijuana Intoxication Blamed In More Deaths, Injuries

Meta-analysis of the Association Between the Level of Cannabis Use and Risk of Psychosis –  the heavier the marijuana use, and the more potent the product, the more likely a psychotic outcome like schizophrenia – Feb. 2016

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