Your Stories About THC

  • Cindy G — August 2, 2023
    I typically do not post anything too personal as I’m a very private person. Since Haley’s passing, I have had several parents reach out and confide in me struggles they and their kids have been going through. I think this is because anyone that knows me knows that I was a very involved parent with Haley … Read more
  • Anonymous – June 18, 2023
    My son, 22, was in some ways the last person you’d expect to get cannabis use disorder.  He’d participated in drug and alcohol prevention programs throughout high school, and based on what he’d learned, planned to wait for substance use (even alcohol) until he was 25, if ever.  In two cases, he made the difficult … Read more
  • Allison M — June 4, 2023
    I came across your website “Johnny’s Ambassadors” and wanted to share with you, and your readers, that my son Frank starting using the high THC concentrate called “shatter” in 2018 and four years later he committed suicide. We are devastated by his loss and miss him so much. It hurts and the pain is unbearable, … Read more
  • Alli O — May 18, 2023
    I was recently diagnosed with Cannabis-Induced Psychosis. I really scared my parents. I am 23 years old and now working to quit vaping now. I have huge aspirations and goals in life to create a Universal system for the United Nations around education, law, ethics and morality. I believe we as citizens could pay the … Read more
  • Barb K — May 16, 2023
    I have been struggling with my son for 7 years.  He was diagnosed with ADD early childhood. He started refusing his Adderall,  & started smoking pot at age 16 to help him feel “normal” and less anxious.   His usage increased over time as he was self medicating for ADD & now depression.  Frequent threats of … Read more

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