Laura D – January 19, 2023

Our athletic, personable, highly intelligent son graduated from a well renowned Virginia University magna cum laude in May of 2022. He landed his dream job in data analysis with a national corporation in June. He moved to DC to live with 4 other fraternity brothers and to work virtually from his downtown apartment in August. … Read the rest

JUST A SHELL – January 16, 2023

A few months ago, in October I realized my 17-year-old son was slowly being erased, by what I did not know… and all that remained was a shell of a person.  The person I knew as my son was gone.  Just a year and a half ago he was hard-working, creative, self-driven, had a beautiful mind, and so mature for his age. … Read the rest

Amy W – January 16, 2023

Our story of our son (E)’s struggle with Cannabis Use Disorder and Substance Induced Psychosis started in 2019. We dropped our intelligent, handsome, athletic, somewhat introverted freshman off at American University. As a kid that had some anxiety and ocd tendencies, was a bit introverted and had some lags as far as social development compared to peers, but nevertheless brilliant, extremely articulate and well liked on track to be a student and do some modeling.… Read the rest

Regina D – January 14, 2023

My son, Brian’s story began April 7,2018 when he was diagnosed with Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome after becoming severely dehydrated causing his kidneys to go into failure. He was in denial and to be honest so was I. We had only heard of marijuana relieving nausea not causing it.   … Read the rest