Jenny – May 7, 2022

Dear Laura,

Just want to write you a letter to thank you for all the good you are doing.  Your response to my email and website helped me find a solution for my son Henry who is now at a Ozark Trails Academy in Missouri.… Read the rest

Ethan A. — April 19, 2022

My Experience with CIP

     Growing up, I’ve always been an anxious kid. I’m not going to lie, my anxiety never stopped me from being a troublemaker despite the consequences. Although I was in the honor roll in middle school, high school was a different story.… Read the rest

Moira M — April 4, 2022

My son took his own life as a result of Cannabis Induced Psychosis in December, 2021, with Persecutory Delusions, as he said 2 years ago ‘I am going to kill myself, before ‘they’ kill me’, and so it turned out.

He was taken to A&E after a suicide attempt, by the Police, and was allowed to ‘step outside for a cigarette’ by A&E staff, which led to his disappearance and death, the same day, I have been offered the opportunity to take a Civil Case against our Medical System, the Government run NHS, here in the UK.… Read the rest

Heather B — April 1, 2022

Our son Randy was a creative, handsome, humorous, loving, kind-hearted, and gentle soul.  He had his struggles from a very young age with ADHD, low executive functioning, and a slow processing speed. However, he never failed because he was also blessed with several “workarounds” including fabulous memorization skills, and high verbal and written acuity.… Read the rest

Beth C. — March 29, 2022

“Mom, I truly have no desire to use anymore.” I held my breath hearing those words come from my son’s mouth last week. A year ago our family was in turmoil because of his erratic behavior. Behavior that through this group I have learned was directly tied to his marijuana use-vaping, ingesting, who knows what else.… Read the rest

Shannon D. – February 11, 2022

I want to thank Laura so much for her book, it has been so relevant and helpful to me because my son has gone through a similar experience.  I have been very naïve about the types of marijuana and THC levels, so Laura’s book was a great help to me in terms of education on marijuana, the impacts on the young adult brain, and also an incredible help to me as a parent struggling with my 19 year old who was using marijuana at what I know realize were toxic levels of THC. … Read the rest