Anonymous – April 18, 2023

I was searching “dabbing” and ran across your tragic story. My son also had a dabbing problem for a few years that I only became aware over the last two years of his use. In our case, he stopped dabbing for a job opportunity about six months ago. Had it not been for that, we don’t know where this would have lead. I read your story and my heart just breaks for your son, you and your family. My son was living out of state during his use and I can tell you I drove away after each visit feeling punched in the gut, worried sick about him. But, other than plead with him to stop, there was nothing I could do. This concentrated marijuana is so dangerous and, as you know, very few people are aware of its dark side. It is so scary and you are right… it’s happening to our children right now under our noses. My son went from being a healthy, athletic, young man to weighing 155 (at 6’1). Additionally, he was not himself. I was very worried about his mental health. My daughter and I would cry after each visit. He was in complete denial and would get angry when I’d gently mention anything about it. Again, we got lucky with this job opportunity that sparked his determination to quit. He has gained 30 lbs since he quit and he’s mentally healthy again. I am still holding my breath because, unlike before, I now know things can change in a heartbeat. Anyhow, I truly admire your commitment to educate folks on the effects this has on our youth. I send to you heartfelt love and pray each day brings you and your family more peace. If there’s ever any way I can help, I will do what I can.

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