Anonymous female, 36, from Hawaii — April 5, 2023

I just want to share my deep sympathy for your loss of Johnny, and I admire you for the work you are doing to help his life make a massive difference, and save youth in the future. I became addicted to THC at the age of 31, and for the next 5 years on and off, it ruined my life (and my teeth). It has been incredibly hard to let go of because it is everywhere, like alcohol. I read your book on Kindle (thankfully it was free with Kindle Unlimited, otherwise I wouldn’t have read it) and it shifted something in me. I decided I did not want to go the route Johnny went. I was familiar with the suicidal thoughts and isolation tendencies. BECAUSE of your book I am not even tempted to have a puff, even though the substance is right here in the house, because my house mate is a Vietnam Veteran and uses it for his PTSD. Because of your book, I feel freed. I pray that your book will prevent it from getting legalized in Hawaii, where I live (Oahu). Most people say it’s unlikely. Let me know how I can support you. If you need a place to stay while visiting Oahu, I have a guest bed. I so want to join the mission of preventing THC from being a piece of candy in a candy store, because it is DANGEROUS.

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