Tashua H – April 1, 2023

I am sorry for your loss. I am 52 years old. I have an addictive personality. Had to give up alcohol for concern of health issues and found medical marijuana. After a year on the program, I started using the tinctures and the concentrates with a product called a honey badger, and after eight months, I developed emphysema from the honey badger. I started noticing psychosis and hearing voices in machinery and fans in anything electronic. I have been using the marijuana because it made my life more tolerable. I’m in a marriage to a nice man who I’m not interested in or attracted to in my life has become quite boring so the medical marijuana prevented me from being sad or unhappy or telling him how much I did not want to be with him. The medical marijuana has harmed my body in so many ways that even after being off of it for four months, I can feel the effects of lower brain power, and my lung on the right side of my body will never fully recover from the damage that the high, concentrated butane THC did to my body.

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