Marijuana Cessation Peer Group

Johnny’s Ambassadors offers a marijuana education and cessation program for young adults ages 20+ who are addicted to marijuana and want to cut back or stop in collaboration with the London-based Cannabis Clinic for Patients with Psychosis (CCP), funded by Maudsley Charity, and led by famed cannabis researchers, Sir Robin Murray and Marta di Forti.

Sir Robin Murray
Marta di Forti

Meetings are held every Monday at 9am mountain/11am eastern for one hour. It’s not recorded for the privacy of participants. Here is a full description of the program by the Maudsley Charity.

To join, doctors can refer their patients, or participants should email me directly with a request to join at [email protected], and I will send the registration information and get them on the mailing list. Sorry, parents and loved ones are not allowed in this group. This program is the for the marijuana user ONLY. If a participant wants to just listen and not join the discussion, they can turn off their webcam.