Locate Help for Your Child:
Association of Intervention Specialists – a network of interventionists located throughout the country and abroad. Members guide families on how to help their loved one.
Love in Action Intervention Services – immediate crisis support for psychosis and marijuana use
Parent Helpline: 855-DRUGFREE (855-378-4373) Monday-Friday, 10:00AM to 6:00PM ET
Second Wind Fund: expedited access to life-saving therapy for youth at risk for suicide
Parents Love Their Teens is a nationwide intervention and placement program.
Directory of providers and educational consultants to help place and transport your teen.
Find Treatment anywhere in the U.S.
National early psychosis treatment locator for early serious mental illness treatment facilities (SAMHSA).
ATLAS (Addiction Treatment Locator, Assessment, and Standards) platform by Shatterproof
The Juvenile Assessment Center is an early intervention locator for Colorado.
Colorado Crisis Services provides 24/7 support and referrals for your loved one.
Partnership to End Addiction (includes bi-lingual Spanish-speaking assistance) provides resources to help change the family dynamic and how to support a child with addiction.

Find Support for Your Child:
Find an Alternative Peer Group (APG) – support group for kids in recovery
Find a Recovery High School – transfer your child to attend school with others working to be sober.
5280 high school in Denver accepts students from all over the country to be in a public school where they are supported in their recovery.
Find a Marijuana Anonymous meeting – like AA but for marijuana
FullCircle – For youth struggling with high-risk behavior problems. Centered around the Enthusiastic Sobriety Philosophy: the idea that young people will stop their self-destructive behavior only if they are offered an alternative that is both fun and fulfilling. Operates a staff facilitated support group for young people and their parents. Denver, Phoenix, Georgia, Kansas City. In Denver, Call Ben Stincer at 720-531-3716.
Sober AF Entertainment – Creating safe spaces in fun places. Voice of the community looking for sober fun, without being around marijuana.

Psychosis and Addiction Recovery Centers:
Addiction Recovery Management Services is run by Mass General for ages 14 to 26.
Adult & Teen Challenge (MN) – detox and long-term rehab
Alta Mira – Cannabis Induced Psychosis Detox and Treatment
BrightQuest Treatment Centers – San Diego and Nashville – Residential Cannabis Induced Psychosis acute care (longer term)
Cornerstone – a 12-step outpatient program for youth early in recovery (in Colorado)
Crownview Co-Occurring Institute (Oceanside, CA) – Primary Psychiatric Treatment and Dual Diagnosis
CU School of Medicine – Addiction Research and Treatment Services (Boulder, CO)
Foundry Steamboat Springs – Detox with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorder
John Volken Academy – Long-term residential rehab for young adults
Menninger Clinic Houston – First intensive (acute) stage psychosis
North Carolina Boys Academy – a Christian boarding school for teenage boys
Newport Academy Residential Treatment Centers for boys and girls
Resolution Ranch – Boarding School for Troubled Teens
Pace Recovery Center – Dual Diagnosis marijuana addiction treatment
Pathfinder’s Recovery – AZ and CO Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorder treatment center
Peaks Recovery – 24-bed young men 18-30 only, dual diagnosis, 45-day program with step down to outpatient and sober living (Colorado Springs, CO)
Skyland Trail in Atlanta is a residential program that has an early psychosis program. 
Spero Residential and Sober Living Center – for young men and women
St. Christopher’s Residential Center – achieving long-term recovery in males 18+
The STEP Program at Denver Health – substance abuse treatment up to age 21 (even no insurance). Call Yesenia at 303-602-4848.
Stone Bridge Recovery – bridging the transition from structured treatment to sober living
Sundown Ranch – ages 12 to 18 years with dependency and co-occurring psychiatric disorder
Vanderbilt Early Psychosis Program – 16 to 30 years old with first-episode crisis

Find support for Yourself
Are you a Parent of a Child with Cannabis-Induced Psychosis (POCCIP)? Join our private Johnny’s Ambassadors Facebook support group.
MomPower helps moms with addicted children.
Advanced Adolescent Services provides teen transport services to treatment programs.
CRAFT classes help parents who are struggling with their child’s substance misuse and looking for support and change.
NAMI Family-to-Family is a free, 8-session educational program for family, significant others, and friends of people with mental health conditions.
Douglas County, CO Wrap-Around is a free program to solve family problems.
Helping Parents Heal provides community and resources to help you heal.
Reach Out For Change – free evidence-based classes for parents on how to improve communication and move your child toward treatment for substance use.

Join a Mar-Anon support group for family and friends of marijuana users (this is the marijuana equivalent of Al-Anon, which helps friends and family of alcohol users). This is NOT a meeting for current marijuana users themselves. Go to for more information or email [email protected] with questions. There are multiple virtual support meetings every week.

Finding a properly qualified therapist to assess your child:
* Licensed and certified
* Master’s level +
* CAC (Certified Addictions Counselor
* Check their collateral material and history
* Make sure they do toxicology (urine) screens

Grieving Resources
Umbrella Ministries helps mothers through the grief of losing a child.
The Compassionate Friends supports the entire family after a child dies.
GriefShare meetings really helped us grieve the loss after Johnny’s death.
List of recommended grief books by Anne Moss Rogers.
Life after Child Loss: The Mother’s Survival Guide to Cope and Find Joy
Did you lose your child due to marijuana-related causes? Join our other grieving parents.
Samaritans – Preventing Suicide – Samaritans works to prevent suicide and support those who have lost someone to suicide.

The Dangerous Truth About Today’s Marijuana: Johnny Stack’s Life and Death Story by Laura Stack
Top Ten Teen Toking Tip-Offs
You Know Nothing About Weed
Teen Marijuana “FACT” or “CRAP” game
Download our Johnny’s Ambassadors Parent’s toolkit
Watch our on-demand videos from our Johnny’s Ambassadors Expert Webinar Series for Parents.
Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence book by Alex Berenson

Sobriety apps from the Drug Enforcement Agency
Different types of guardianships you can get when your child is an adult (laws will vary by state – contact a lawyer if your child is mentally ill and unable to make good decisions)
Johnny’s Ambassadors online teen and adult marijuana training

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