Sober Reward Program

Hi, fellow parents and grandparents,

I’m Laura Stack, and I lost my 19yo son, Johnny, to suicide on November 20, 2019. As a young teen of 14 or 15, when Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, Johnny dabbed too much high-THC wax concentrate, which altered his brain development and ultimately caused schizophrenia. He jumped off a six-story building in an impulsive, desperate act of delusion and paranoia (he thought the mob was after him). He was a smart, funny, handsome young man whose life was snuffed out way too early from this poison. Please go to the Marijuana menu and read the research, so you can understand how the pot we smoked in the 70s and 80s is very different from today’s 90% THC marijuana extracts. I don’t want you to lose your child like I did!

Johnny’s Ambassadors is working to bring curriculum to schools to educate them about today’s high-potency marijuana. To make it impactful, we’ll be showing videos of young people who have used it and experienced psychotic episodes and suicide attempts. We are asking your children to voluntarily take a pledge to agree not to use marijuana and drugs. We ask them to save/print the certificate and bring it to you for discussion. Please understand how important it is for you to listen, be supportive, and pledge to support them with their commitments. As part of the agreement, they agree to optional drug testing, should you believe it’s needed to maintain sobriety.

Part of the pledge involves a requested reward they would receive if they hold up their end of the bargain. All adolescents have different “currencies” for what is rewarding to them. So, within your means, please do what you can to make an age-appropriate “deal” and honor their requests and timeframes.

If you (the parent) texts me a photo of their pledge to 720-334-1856 or emails it to [email protected], you’ll receive a digital Starbucks gift card to give your child from Johnny’s Ambassadors!