Major Donors

Johnny’s Ambassadors, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization with EIN 85-0593925. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please join us in becoming an Ambassador! We gratefully accept your donations of any amount and recognize major donors on this page.

We accept checks mailed to the address on the bottom of this page and credit cards online. To make a monthly recurring contribution, check the box on the donation form under the amount. Thank you!


We thank our major donors, who have contributed $5,000 or more to Johnny’s Ambassadors:

Terry and Heidi Kelly
Paula Joy
Ramey and Walt Johnson
Mark and Christine McMullan
The Chingros Family
Frank and Maxine Majors
Steve and Carolyn Glassman
Greg and Barbara Hagood
Scott, Phyllis, and Mario Venancio
Brian and Stephanie MacDonald
Elizabeth Jeffries and Stephen Tweed
Andrew Lawrence
Ray and Suzanne Shealy – To the Top Ben Shealy Foundation
The Gerald and Daphna Cramer Foundation

We thank these top givers, who have contributed $2,000 or more to Johnny’s Ambassadors:

Dianna Booher and Vernon Rae
Dr. Nido and Mariana Qubein Foundation
Jim and Naomi Rhode
Rory and AJ Vaden
Peter and Kathleen Stark
Dr. John and Paula Millard
Johnny’s Ambassadors Army of the Engaged
Shelly Waggoner
Paul and Susan Winker
Juliet Funt
Phil and Carolyn Bowie
Guy and Louisa Swayne
Haydee Acebo
Jan and Rob Typher
Robert Graham
Chris Sherry & Lee Stewart
Guy Swayne
Laura Taylor


We thank these supporters, who have symbolically contributed at least $420 (as a lump sum or $35 a month) to Johnny’s Ambassadors to demonstrate our anti-marijuana stance:

Randy Gage
Tim and Meghan Page
Mike and Janice Howard
Montague and Laura Boyd
Dave Crenshaw
Marian Bronstetter
Haynes Mechanical Systems
Sally Murray
John Young
Alina Baena
John M. Stinar
Brian and Courtney McGinty
Lisa Scatena
Elena and Brian Keating
Gina Carbone Fenton
Gilbert L Ohls and Family
Megan Hearn and KPMG Foundation
The Jost Family
Jen Dewar on behalf of Venafi
Joshua Mire and Nancy Duval
Sally Hogshead and Ed Normand
Geoffrey Rhodes
Angie Phetteplace
C O McCormick, III
Elizabeth Jeffries
Stephen Tweed
Mark and Carolyn Oberholzer
Tyler Minear
Paul and Susan Winker
Daniel Huckabay
Shondell and Chad Hymas
Emily Inman by CoBank
Connie Dieken
Doug Andrews
Carolyn Glassman
Alexandra Hess
Gregg and Nancy Wechsler
Adam Levy and Nexgel
Fintan Ryan
Scott Haynes
The Payton and Andrea Mayes Giving Fund
Catherine and Thomas Rohloff
Gloria Mayer
Sharon, Clark, Harry, and Sasha Herman
John and Kelly Taylor
Rich Calabro
Dean Backer
Fintan Ryan
Brooke Reger
John and Jacqueline Santos
Karen Jane Warren
Michael Kannen
Kerri Kostulias
Karen Rego
John Corley
Martin and Harriet Glassman
Emily Inman
Kimberly Germ-Cramer
John Ramstead
Guy Edward Burling Swayne
Susan J. Short
Ajay and Ritu Kapur
Diane Kalaydjian
Doug and Lindsay Andrews
John and Sheri Wall
Robin Thompson
Shanna Sanchez
Dominique McLerran
Jackie Trueblood
Michelle Peters
Matt Bukin
Kim Hill
Melissa Tasse and the Honey Bee Foundation
Adrienne Leonard
Bonnie Davis
John Young
Renee Johnson

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