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By Laura Stack
With Foreword by Kevin Sabet

The Dangerous Truth About Today’s Marijuana
Johnny Stack’s Life & Death Story

This is the poignant life-and-death story of Johnny Stack, whose young and vibrant life ended by suicide after his descent into addiction to high-potency marijuana and cannabis-induced psychosis. You’ll laugh and cry with his mother, Laura Stack, as she retells the story of Johnny’s joyful childhood and then takes you through the unthinkable tragedy of his loss. It’s every parent’s nightmare. But this book is much more than Johnny’s story. Today Laura, who is a nationally recognized speaker and best-selling author, leads a national effort of parents, impacted family members, healthcare professionals, teachers, and trusted adults who are concerned about the harmful effects of marijuana on our children, teenagers, and emerging adults. This book is a clarion call for parents across America to educate themselves about the risks of today’s high-THC marijuana products and to better understand the potentially devastating effects on youth mental health. Laura’s real-life story is backed by recent scientific-based research on how today’s potent THC products lead to mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, paranoia, psychosis, and sadly, suicidal ideation. This book is her vision to dramatically decrease adolescent marijuana usage, mental illness, and suicide, to allow our youth to live productive, happy lives.

Laura Stack never wanted to write this book. Laura is better known as The Productivity Pro®, the bestselling author of eight previous books on productivity and performance topics. She is in the Speaker Hall of Fame and has given keynote speeches and training seminars to major corporate, association, and government audiences for 30 years.

On November 20, 2019, Laura acquired the undesired wisdom of knowing what it’s like to lose one’s child. She hopes to help other parents keep it from happening to them by honestly and boldly sharing Johnny’s story. Laura believes saving lives would be a potentially positive outcome to her great tragedy. She is determined to start a social movement to bring teen drug use, mental illness, and suicide out of the darkness and get them to #StopDabbing.

Laura lives with her husband in Denver, Colorado and has two surviving adult children, ages 25 and 20.

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