Johnny’s Ambassadors thanks these amazing coalitions, nonprofits, and Drug-Free Communities for their partnership. Laura Stack has given a live or virtual presentation to the following organizations:

Addiction Prevention Coalition of Birmingham, AL
Bay Area Community Resources
Bay Area Council on Drugs & Alcohol
Central Virginia Addiction and Recovery Resources Coalition of Lynchburg, VA
Covington County Children’s Policy Council Coalition of Andalusia, AL
Drug Free America Foundation
Drug Free Comfort Texas
Durham Middlefield Local Wellness Coalition
Franklin/Fulton Drug & Alcohol of Chambersburg, PA
Frenchtown Community Coalition Coordinator of Frenchtown, MT
Galena Park Independent School District
Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems of Springfield, IL
Iowa Alliance of Coalitions for Change (AC4C) Johnstown, IA
LUK, Inc. – Leominster Community Action Team of Fitchburg, MA
Lyme Youth Service Bureau, Old Lyme, CT
Milford Prevention Council of Milford, CT
Mount Rogers Community Services
NE Prevention Resource Center
Operation Parent
Pivot 2 Health of Watertown, NY
Prevention Council of Roanoke County of Roanoke, VA
Prevention Resources of Flemington, NJ
Suicide Prevention Council of Roanoke Valley, VA
Yonkers Coalition for Youth
Your Choice Prevention Education of Oconomowoc, WI

“Dear Laura, I just finished listening to the webinar you did for us and had to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for your passion and persistence.  This webinar was the best I ever attended. The information you shared was priceless, practical, and will save lives. There were so many takeaways for me but this one says it all:  “Silence implies permission.” Your passion has re-ignited my passion to not be silent about marijuana and the many other issues we address. I am so sorry for your loss of Johnny, an amazing son!  Thank you for sharing his life with all of us. Gratefully, Jean Schumm, President & Founder, Operation Parent”

Feedback from webinars from individuals:

Prompt: What did you find most helpful?

  • The testimony the parent who has lost a child from the addiction of marijuana. The different signs that can be missed even when you’re trying to be the perfect parent.
  • The other side of the story when it comes to marijuana
  • The potency of the current marijuana and how it negatively impacts teens brain and behavior. Very scary.
  • I found it extremely helpful to know the different types of THC products available. Tampons??? I’m blown away.
  • EVERYTHING – Our 15 yr. old started smoking and vaping in middle school.  We started to go to a parent group and there first heard of ‘dabs’.  Didn’t know much other than it was higher concentration – but didn’t realize what that truly meant.  Nothing else was covered, it was just mentioned by another parent.
  • Everything. As a mom to a teen and prevention specialist, I always learn new strategies and tips, and I appreciate how candid and open Laura was about her story and advocating for young adults.
  • I didn’t realize how many forms of THC was available and how many chemicals that goes into some of these substances.
  • I realized I had an antiquated view of marijuana. I had no idea about the latest methods.
  • This family is just like ours, minus the addiction.  It can happen in the best families with the most attentive parents.  Zero tolerance of any substance is a must! 
  • I appreciated the thorough scientific research into the different types of marijuana being used today and the science of how this can affect the brain.
  • All of it!  One of the best I’ve ever seen! Heart-wrenching but excellent. This mother is a super star.
  • I work in the prevention field, and all the info on dabbing was eye opening, as was the mention of protective factors, which we preach often to parents, and how sometimes it isn’t enough. The more facts I learn, the better so that I can pass them off when I talk to teens.
  • So much great information, especially the mental health diagnosis that can come after marijuana use
  • Just hearing Johnny’s story and how people always say that marijuana is not bad but hearing ways that it is makes me more informed.
  • Laura’s firsthand experience of everything she talked about.  Her giving her witness of her own and her son’s story.  The real-life examples and stories. 
  • The emphasis on drug education v just arguing ‘drugs are bad”
  • The journey and how marijuana is being used by teens to be masked and to be socially acceptable
  • Education on high potency marijuana and provided more information to youth regarding the dangers
  • The personal story from a mom whose child dealt with addiction.
  • How the transition, from healthy individual to someone who became addicted to marijuana, was told/presented.
  • The different ways children have access to the drug.
  • It validated the beliefs that I had about my ex-husband’s behavior and its relationship to vaping THC.
  • It helps us to be aware of what marijuana can do in one’s body and health.
  • We have a big rise of suicide in our town.  Everything helped.  Too many tears
  • EVERYTHING!! This is the BEST webinar I have ever attended! I liked that we got to see the life of Johnny with the video and then how Marijuana impacted Johnny’s life.
  • Laura’s courage and perspective as a parent who did all the right things and raised a very smart young man – while a devastating story, it is an important wake-up call to similar parents who also have high-performing kids.  Getting the information on the neurological effects of THC and how products are marketed is extremely helpful, too.  Johnny’s story left a profound impression on me.  Thank you for making this program available. 
  • Wonderful information that can be used in our prevention efforts in our community.
  • Pictures and facts of the different high potency options of marijuana
  • The big variety of “products” with high THC concentrations and the values of the THC concentrations compared to the marijuana when we grew up
  • The truth does not deter politicians from being bought and willing to do anything for tax revenue!
  • The scientific facts presented in a way that was understandable. Also, the story telling is very powerful.
  • I really didn’t know that the current marijuana isn’t really a plant substance.
  • The importance of the difference between the weed of my day and the potency of what is available to adolescents today.
  • Johnny’s story, breakdown on the brain science, and the fact all the protective factors were in place.
  • I thought the combination of her personal story about Johnny and the statistics/research was all very good information.
  • Laura did an excellent job, placing information with a real-life story is super impactful!
  • I found everything to be helpful, but I enjoyed her personal stories of her interactions with her son.
  • Information about the law that was passed in Colorado limiting concentrate levels
  • Her vast knowledge on this topic.  Explaining the difference in marijuana composition from years past to current state.  Scromiting…yuck.  Never heard that term, but it paints a vivid image of what people are going through.  Current statistical information and not just limited to U.S. data.
  • How dangerous eatables are.
  • The insight into the THC induced psychosis… Such powerful information!
  • Jonny’s story and how his mother wants to prevent it from happening to others.