Alli O — May 18, 2023

I was recently diagnosed with Cannabis-Induced Psychosis. I really scared my parents. I am 23 years old and now working to quit vaping now. I have huge aspirations and goals in life to create a Universal system for the United Nations around education, law, ethics and morality. I believe we as citizens could pay the government taxes that are spent towards education reform rather than military expenses as a world and end the threat of nuclear warefare in this generation. Johnny’s story touched my heart and hurt it because I have struggled with suicidal thoughts and feelings in the past and he was born just about two months before me. He seemed like an amazing kid and it breaks my heart the role THC played to end his life. I wish I could have known Johnny. His story makes me aware of how serious my diagnosis is and the path to recovery. I know a lot of people who may be struggling with the same thing. I that that Laura is an angel who was put in my path to guide me away from THC forever with the research, knowledge and experience she shares so courageously to the world. I would love to help raise awareness for Johnny and Laura who helped me realize my diagnosis was not just from stress but the overuse and abuse of THC that is so common in this generation. I started smoking marijuana out of dab pens at 15 and the usage increased gradually to daily until this past March when I was institutionalized for substance-use pyschosis. Anything I can do to help others not go through this crazy pain of confusion, paranoia, and depression I would love to be a part of.

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