Lisa — July 5, 2022

In pain currently, dealing with 16 year old son not listening to anything that I tell him. He was hospitalized at the end of October into November after weeks of extreme paranoia and persecutory delusions. It got so scary that he was seeing morphing faces and he couldn’t understand basic language spoken to him. … Read the rest

Linda W — June 7, 2022

My son, K, who is 20, has had two very serious cannabis-induced psychotic breaks in the last year and a half that were absolute hell. As K was growing up he played soccer, hockey, and tennis, and we all spent time together with family at the lake house every summer.… Read the rest

Elle W — May 29, 2022

My story starts in the winter of 2020. I was in my Freshman year of high school, and we were out because of Covid. All throughout my middle school years, if a friend had nicotine I would take a hit, just to know what it tasted like.… Read the rest

Jenny – May 7, 2022

Dear Laura,

Just want to write you a letter to thank you for all the good you are doing.  Your response to my email and website helped me find a solution for my son Henry who is now at a Ozark Trails Academy in Missouri.… Read the rest

Ethan A. — April 19, 2022

My Experience with CIP

     Growing up, I’ve always been an anxious kid. I’m not going to lie, my anxiety never stopped me from being a troublemaker despite the consequences. Although I was in the honor roll in middle school, high school was a different story.… Read the rest

Moira M — April 4, 2022

My son took his own life as a result of Cannabis Induced Psychosis in December, 2021, with Persecutory Delusions, as he said 2 years ago ‘I am going to kill myself, before ‘they’ kill me’, and so it turned out.

He was taken to A&E after a suicide attempt, by the Police, and was allowed to ‘step outside for a cigarette’ by A&E staff, which led to his disappearance and death, the same day, I have been offered the opportunity to take a Civil Case against our Medical System, the Government run NHS, here in the UK.… Read the rest

Heather B — April 1, 2022

Our son Randy was a creative, handsome, humorous, loving, kind-hearted, and gentle soul.  He had his struggles from a very young age with ADHD, low executive functioning, and a slow processing speed. However, he never failed because he was also blessed with several “workarounds” including fabulous memorization skills, and high verbal and written acuity.… Read the rest