John H — March 7, 2023

I am 58 years old and am an Addict and Alcoholic. I just seen you on Dr Phil and wanted to reach out.

Growing up I was a proublem child to say the least. But as a teen I found alcohol and pot. The I found out very fast made me very mad, agitated, homicidal, and desiring to fight anyone I could. I now open our ALANO Club every morning and have managed to put together 36 years drug free and 17 years sober.

That said, I unfortunately he’d to spend 13 years 5 months to the day inside of Montana State Prison as an inmate.  I no longer fight with drinking nor drugs. But, I fight with thoughts of suicide every second I am awake and alive. I thank my God that I have learned that if I open up and talk I can make it.

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