Sarah D — March 12, 2023

Our 18 year old son is slowly fading away.  I have had to begin to make peace with the likely reality that this addiction will eventually take him.  It started two and half years ago when he tried pot for the first time.  His problems with school and drama with friends kicked into high gear, and about a year ago he fully descended into severe cannabis use disorder.  We have been proactive in getting help, but the drug is so easily accessible that he has continued to use, even after attending a 30 day rehab in another state.  He doesn’t want to stop – that’s the truth- and until and if he ever does- this will eventually take his life.  It has already taken away his friends, his love of baseball, his relationship with his sister (non existent), a loving relationship with his parents (it is only tension and suspicion and fatigue now- joyless), his plans for next year (was supposed to attend a post grad school – not going to happen), any and all motivation, personal hygiene, physical health (he is gaunt), and mental health (depressed, anxious).

I want to say that there is no other drug involved in our son’s demise.  It is “just weed”- of course, those of us reading this know so much better than that.  But that is the insidiousness of this drug.  In the community where we live, I believe there’s an intractable belief that marijuana is the “safe” drug- that it’s benign.  I am convinced that the fallout of the rising tide of adolescents becoming addicted to it will be enormous- it will break the mental health system and will result in losses that are incalculable.  I say this because my son- in his rare moments of lucidity- tells us that so many kids use it.  I know he’s not the only one.  He doesn’t have CIP yet but I know it’s just a matter of time.

I am despondent and my own physical and mental health have taken a huge hit over the last two years.  I don’t know how to cope.

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  1. My heart is with you. Broken alongside you. This sounds exactly like my 19 year old son. Such promise. Such unbelievable talent and intelligence. Thrown away. Taken away. By THC and, like you, the belief there is likely more going on. I, like you, have had to arrive at some very possible and likely probably outcomes, that I cannot change. As a mom, that has been devastating. You are not alone. ❤️

  2. Just seeing this message- thank you so much. It really does help to know I’m not alone. You aren’t either- I’m sending you love and support.

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