Mary M – January 15, 2023

As with many of the kids affected by Cannabis Induced Psychosis,  my son was motivated, bright, articulate.  He was on a path to reach his dreams. In the spring of 2017, he came home from college with a degree and a severe addiction to marijuana.  He was dabbing daily. Anxiety and depression over took him. His dad and I had no idea what was happening.  Almost a year later he had his first psychotic break.  He was hearing voices and had delusions that there were aliens in the attic. He became obsessed with a girl he knew and was stalking her on social media. He  continues to hear her voice, thinking she is taunting him.

The first hospital visit was 8 days. He came home agitated and refused to take the meds prescribed. The doctors and therapists thought he may have bipolar.  Our own family doctor agreed and when I brought up his marijuana consumption, I was told it was good for him. It would help keep him calm. TWO YEARS LATER a psychiatrist said he had CANNABIS INDUCED PSYCHOSIS.

Since then, the journey has been bumpy at best. He has had a few weeks of sobriety here and there. His brain starts to clear, the voices will disappear and then the addiction will take over and we are back to square one.

I have learned a lot. I have no control over what my son does with his life. My serenity and joy depends on me. And I have learned to lean into Jesus with all my might. I will never understand why my son’s life has been altered by this terrible poison. But I can be thankful for my own growth and the people that have been brought into my life because of it.  Johnny’s Ambassadors, Every Brain Matters and Mar-anon saved my life. I will forever be grateful. 


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