Gannon — February 15, 2023

Hi my name is Gannon. I’m 18 years old, and I’m an alcoholic drug addict in recovery. My addiction started when I was 12 years old when I discovered alcohol. I had a rough night, and I grew up around people drinking when they had a hard day. I was like what’s the worst thing that could happen. Ever since that night, whenever I had a hard day, I would drink alcohol. Then one of my friends came up to me at school and asked if I wanted to smoke weed. Growing up I experienced a lot trauma from my biological father, and when I smoked weed I felt okay. So I was like this what I do now, this is who I am now. It very quickly became I’m going to smoke every day and drink when I have the chance. It eventually stopped becoming enough for me, so when I was offered acid I said sign me up. I was a very depressed and suicidal kid, but when I took acid I was happy. That’s what my life was. I just wanted more and more. I needed more people would offer me drugs, and I would say yes. Within a year, I was taking acid, shrooms, Ketamine, molly, weed, and alcohol. I burned down every bridge and every relationship I had if that meant I could get high. I ran away from home almost daily. I treated my mom horribly. It got to the point the only time I was clean was when I was in rehab or in a mental hospital, but I never stayed sober longer than a month. I was really sad and I refuse to believe it was the drugs. So I told myself my problem is I don’t have a girlfriend. I got into a very toxic relationship built on drugs and sex. One day she and I got drunk, and she hit me. I told myself the only way we could stay together is if we got help. I joined full circle Denver around 1 year ago today. When I was first getting sober, I was still drinking, cause I didn’t think I had a problem. Then when I relapsed on weed and f***** everything up for myself, I decided it’s not worth it anymore. My sobriety date is April 9, 2022. Since then I been working the 12 steps of recovery. I got a sponsor, and I am a sponsor. My hope for myself telling my story is it reaches one family and shows them that there is another way. I love you all. That’s my story.

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