Jim D. — May 25, 2021

We live in a small town in Massachusetts. I am married with three boys. One of my sons started using marijuana at age 13. At first he had a casual fascination with marijuana. By age 14 his use had progressed to daily and by age 16 it became evident that he now suffered from Cannabis Use Disorder.… Read the rest

Susan P. — May 20, 2021

I don’t use marijuana, however in 2016 I voted to legalize marijuana in Massachusetts. I thought it was a “soft” drug. I thought it was a safer option for people than alcohol. Even for teenagers. I remember telling a friend who suspected her teenager was smoking marijuana that it was probably better than if he was drinking alcohol.… Read the rest

Jrre T. — May 20, 2021

I love your non profit and what it does, I read the article on your site about Johnny and all it did was remind me of myself. I was born July 1999. I went to cherry creek high school. My freshman year I was trying to fit in and stole eye drops from king soopers for these kids and that’s when my curiosity all started.… Read the rest

Jules — May 23, 2021

Hi Laura, I am so very sorry for your loss. I am certain Johnny was an amazing young man. His story is so very similar to my son’s, and they were born the same year. My son started using his junior year in high school when he was 15.… Read the rest

Are Marijuana Use and Suicide Linked?

A review of the data show there’s cause for alarm

by Libby Stuyt, MD

Correlation does not mean causation, but that is why we do research — to follow correlations in an effort to determine causation. Data linking marijuana use to people with suicidal ideation, attempts, and completed suicides are steadily increasing.… Read the rest

Kim S. — May 20, 2021

Laura  thank you for sharing your story.  My son died by suicide May 21, 2020.  He started by smoking Marijuana then moved on to dabs.  I sent him away to rehab when he was 15 yrs old in effort to help and cure his drug addiction. … Read the rest

Jahnu P. — May 18, 2021

We are a first generation immigrant family. We migrated to America for a brighter future for our children. We worked tirelessly so we could afford to move to a town with top notch public schools. It was all going according to plan until our eldest son got to high school.… Read the rest

How I Survived the Death of My Son

By Laura Stack

I survived it. The worst day of my life was November 21, 2019 at 1:03 AM, when the coroner told my husband and me our son had died by suicide a few hours ago, on November 20. In the immediate days following, I alternated between screaming, sobbing, and being unable to talk to anyone other than my immediate family.… Read the rest

Anonymous — May 12, 2021

I have a 17 year old who is struggling with marijuana/THC/vapes …. everything you mentioned. We did send our child to wilderness therapy and from there to a therapeutic boarding school. Eleven months later our child came home and is back to using.… Read the rest