Is Marijuana Truly Addictive? Let’s See What the Psychiatric Guide Says

By Laura Stack

The short answer is, “Of course it is,” though that’s way too glib.

We’ve already asked and answered this question in a previous blog; however, many people don’t understand how marijuana can be addictive. Sadly, according to recent surveys, the percentage of the population (both youth and adult) who consider marijuana harmful has decreased significantly in recent years.… Read the rest

You Know Nothing About Weed

Guest Post by Ben Cort

How do you convince someone that they really don’t know anything about something that they believe they know a great deal about? Seriously, if you wanted to explain to a bunch of strangers who don’t know you from the next guy that something they have held onto as fact just isn’t, how would you start?… Read the rest

Recognizing the Marijuana Harm Gap

By Laura Stack

With more states legalizing marijuana, it’s incumbent upon us as loved ones, parents, grandparents, counselors, teachers, and concerned adults, to protect the vulnerable. Marijuana isn’t legal until 21 years of age, and there’s a good reason for that—it harms the developing mind when used during adolescence.… Read the rest

Doug K. – November 4, 2020

Dear Laura and John,

When I read the article about your son Johnny in The Epoch Times it was identical to my daughter, Abby, except she fortunately is still with us. I got chills reading and was emotional. I’m in Canada (Ontario) which legalized Marijuana in 2018 under our disingenuous hopeless Liberal government, who used it in the campaign to secure the young vote and use it as a tax grab.… Read the rest

Daryl B. – November 2, 2020

Hi Laura, I read you and your husband’s article in the Epoch Times. I am a 60 year old man from Arizona, retired Probation Supervisor. I was a user 3 years ago. I was shared my wife’s medical marijuana. I had a psychotic episode 3 years ago and could not figure out what happened until I read your article about your son.… Read the rest

The Increasing Prevalence of Marijuana Vaping

By Laura Stack

Vaping was supposed to be a good thing. We know better now.

Some clever person invented electronic cigarettes—little vaping pens that heated nicotine-infused liquid and released it as a vapor (technically an aerosol), rather than smoke. Initially, vaping was perceived as a safer way to ingest nicotine; indeed, it was going to help many people quit smoking cigarettes.… Read the rest