Dirty Dozen Negative Outcomes of Adolescent Marijuana Use #8: Marijuana Decreases Fertility Rates

By Laura Stack

Decades ago, Big Tobacco realized their consumer base was steadily killing itself off due to illnesses caused by heavy tobacco use, particularly emphysema, heart disease, and cancers. The industry kept this to themselves, because the only way to maintain said consumer base was by recruiting more smokers as the others died, especially young people.… Read the rest

Ad G. —

I was a good student at school. I wasn’t entirely great, but I understood that hard work would pay off. Sadly, I was to learn about work-life balance the hard way. At eighteen, I did a gap year (from England to Canada – in Banff).… Read the rest

Dirty Dozen #6: Marijuana Makes You More Likely to Drop Out of School

By Laura Stack

I’ve said it before: smoking, dabbing, or otherwise abusing marijuana makes you dumb. And science can prove it. In addition to the multiple studies showing how long-term marijuana use impairs your judgment, making you stop caring about negative consequences, AND drops your IQ permanently by as many as eight IQ points, other studies show a correlation between daily marijuana use and early high school drop-out rates.… Read the rest