Johnny’s Five Values: Part IV, Enthusiasm!

By Laura Stack

Continuing our series on Johnny’s most important values, he listed his fourth value as Enthusiasm. It probably won’t surprise you to learn it’s one of my personal values as well. I make much of my living as a professional speaker on the topics of productivity and time management, and without enthusiasm, I couldn’t do my job well.… Read the rest

What is 710 Day?

By Laura Stack

Hello Army of the Engaged! For 710 Day on Friday, I’m looking for ten partners who will help Johnny’s Ambassadors with a Facebook fundraiser (read below if you don’t know about 710 Day—we are working to educate others and save lives!).… Read the rest

Johnny’s Five Values: Part I, Altruism

By Laura Stack

There’s a wise old saying that goes, “Into every life, a little rain must fall.” Since the beginning of this year, America has experienced a figurative typhoon. History will remember 2020 as an annus horribilis during which the COVID-19 pandemic killed hundreds of thousands worldwide and sickened millions, damaging our economy in the process.… Read the rest

Lisa R. – May 11, 2020

Our son triggered his illness using marijuana during his teen years. He did not know he had a genetic vulnerability to THC and it triggered bi-polar and schizophrenia. He had his first psychotic break going into his senior year in high school, that was in 2008.… Read the rest