Friday, January 22, 2021 Webinar

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Winning the Race for the Heart of Your Son 

Featured expert: John Davis, MA, CACll
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John Davis was Johnny’s therapist and got him through high school. John’s previous webinar was one of the most popular of our sessions, and parents asked for him to return again. He will be asking the teen boys in his practice to share some of their marijuana paraphernalia with him, so he can show you actual products they are using.

Teen boys face an uphill battle on the road to becoming men of integrity, character, and personal excellence. At every turn, they are under siege by a culture trying to reshape their values. Today’s youth are more likely to encounter pornography, alcohol, drugs, and sexual temptation earlier in their lives than ever before. And influential peers are pulling them toward tragic choices. When our teens are slipping away, how do we get them back?

According to adolescent therapist and certified addictions counselor John Davis, extreme opposition calls for an extreme pursuit. Parents of preteen and teenage boys must be informed, courageous, and proactive in order to maintain positive and potentially lifesaving connection with their developing sons.

Davis reveals that young men are driven by design to be extraordinary, to build, to make an impact on the world. But left unchecked, this intensity can fuel destructive behavior. Davis shares practical advice for connecting with teen boys, understanding their world, and dealing with tough issues. When the stakes are this high, parents need to be strategically involved in a whole new way to pursue their sons with a fearless love.


John will answer some of these questions from our parents:

Why are parents stuck?
What message are parents really conveying to their kids?
How do you feel about parental compromise?
Why are parents so scared of their youth?
What are parents missing that others see everyday?
Why is it important to say your child’s name?
How do parents set proper boundaries?
What’s the difference between joining and preaching?
How do you coach the parents of the boys you’re treating?

Speaker Bio
John is the founder and President of the 2xtreme Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Colorado. John Davis carries a Clinical Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is a Certified Addictions Counselor (CACll). He works exclusively with males – teens and young adults.

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