Johnny’s Ambassadors

Johnny’s Ambassadors works to educate parents and teens about the dangers of dabbing high-potency marijuana extracts and their impact on adolescent brain formation, mental health, and teen suicide

Our mission is to gather first-hand video testimonials from young adults who have personally experienced psychosis, mental health issues, and/or suicide attempts as a result of high-THC marijuana products.

Concurrently, we will educate parents about these products and encourage conversations with their children, as well as provide resources for those already struggling.

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“Altruism – To me, altruism means being selfless or giving to other people, even when there may be nothing to gain and something to lose. Altruistic people do things for the collective interest instead of their own.” Johnny Stack

Our mission is to educate parents and teens about the dangers of adolescent substance abuse and help parents have conversations with their children

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“Patience – In my own words, I would say patience means being able to wait, even in stressful and infuriating situations, often to achieve a better result.” Johnny Stack

Please join us for Johnny’s Ambassadors 1st annual #StopDabbing walk!

We are planning to walk at the Valor High School Stadium on SUNDAY, AUGUST 16, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Of course, a lot of it depends on the group gathering guidelines at the time, but please “hold the date” for now.

We’ll need about 70 Ambassadors to walk who pledge $10 each (or more) to cover the cost of the stadium and insurance. Please join us!

We plan to get some great media attention and expand the #StopDabbing walk next year to many locations around the U.S.! Johnny’s Ambassadors has filed for 501c3 status, so we are able to operate as a non-profit until we receive our designation from the IRS. Walkers may donate here!

“Conviction – I think conviction means showing confidence in what you believe in and know is the truth, and to stand by it.” Johnny Stack

Johnny’s Ambassadors is working to bring curriculum to schools to educate them about today’s high-potency marijuana.

To make it impactful, we’ll be showing videos of young people who have used it and experienced psychotic episodes and suicide attempts.

We are asking your children to voluntarily take a pledge to agree not to use marijuana and drugs. We ask them to save/print the certificate and bring it to you for discussion. Please understand how important it is for you to listen, be supportive, and pledge to support them with their commitments. As part of the agreement, they agree to optional drug testing, should you believe it’s needed to maintain sobriety.

“Enthusiasm – Enthusiasm is approaching every obstacle or situation with the utmost of optimism and cheerfulness.” Johnny Stack

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An Ambassador is “a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.”

Johnny’s Ambassadors work to keep Johnny’s spirit alive by helping him help others educate teens on the dangers of dabbing high-THC marijuana on their developing minds.

Ambassadors TAKE ACTION within their families, communities, audiences, and the world to demonstrate the five values and help others.

Then we share our experiences and the outcomes with the rest of the group. The stories will be compiled into a book of stories to provide inspiration and healing to others!

“Gratitude – Simply put, expressing gratitude is showing you’re thankful for what you have, or a kind act.” Johnny Stack