Original Webinar Date: Friday, July 3, 2020

Marijuana Education and a Perspective on Teen Substance Use for Parents

Featured expert: Debbie Berndt
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Every parent is the first line of defense against youth drug and alcohol use and they become the first responders if their child begins to use.  There is a lot to know in these roles, however, most parents are ill-equipped.  The good news is there is a tremendous amount of scientific understanding today that can help.

Learning Objectives

  • Real and useful understanding of marijuana today, its effect on brain function and overall health, forms, and potencies.
  • 21st century basics around youth drug and alcohol use that most parents do not know.
  • Specific strategies for middle and high school parents who will likely encounter these topics.

Speaker Bio
After writing about marijuana for several years, Ms. Berndt developed a core data set that anyone wanting to understand marijuana needs to know.  She has been educating parents and teens since early 2017 when she realized that (a) parents – on the front line of youth drug use – understood very little about today’s marijuana and how things change after legalization, as well as that (b) kids are increasingly exposed to pro-use messages that make them believe they are marijuana savvy. Ms. Berndt works locally on a coalition dedicated to reducing substance use among adolescents. She is a parent and recently launched Parent Movement 2.0 along with several national partners and two parents that founded the original Parent Movement in 1979. This 21st century Parent Movement seeks to help parents help their kids navigate away from marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs through education and advocacy.

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