Original Webinar: Friday, July 17, 2020

How the Legalization of Marijuana Has Negatively Impacted Our Youth

Featured expert: Luke Niforatos
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Today’s marijuana is much more potent than in the past. Marijuana in the Woodstock era contained 5% THC. By comparison, today’s pot edibles, candies, cookies, ice creams, and waxes contain as much as 99% THC. What lessons have we learned from how legalizing these high-THC products have impacted our youth? Luke Niforatos from Smart Approaches to Marijuana will walk parents through the latest statistics and facts on what is really happening in legalized states, so you can make informed decisions and discuss these issues intelligently with your children.


  • Understand the negative mental health outcomes of children who smoke marijuana
  • Recognize how smoking marijuana has been proven to impact school performance
  • Learn how children end up in the emergency room from using marijuana products
  • Explore the ramifications of stoned teen driving  
  • See the link between parental marijuana usage and adolescent usage

Speaker Bio
Luke Niforatos serves as the Executive Vice President at Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), described by the New York Times as the “well-coordinated opposition” to marijuana legalization. 

Luke’s background is in nonprofit community healthcare, where he helped manage Federally Qualified Health Centers and worked on health disparities. Prior to joining SAM, Luke was also the Co-Founder of DocBuddy, a healthcare start-up based in Denver, Colorado, which he later sold. At SAM, Luke serves in the role of principal deputy to the CEO, manages the day-to-day operations of the organization, and acts as a spokesman on marijuana issues. 

In 2018, he was the campaign manager for the successful ballot campaign to defeat legalization in North Dakota and led SAM’s legislative victories in more than two dozen states. He has been featured at The Economist’s Cannabis Summit; the United Nations’ Commission on Narcotic Drugs; and in dozens of events and town halls about drug policy across the country. He has also been featured in many national media outlets, including Fox News and CNBC, and his op-eds are regularly published. Luke graduated from the University of Denver, and his home state of Colorado gives him a unique vantage point on the issue of sound drug policy.

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