Original Webinar: Friday, July 24, 2020

Parenting in the Realm of Today’s Marijuana

Featured expert: Jody Belsher
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Marijuana today is not what it used to be. There are three important keys: (a) what has changed; (b) what are the effects; and (c) what does a parent need to know. Addiction Specialist Jody Belsher will present the three keys, show an 11-minute clip of her award-winning documentary “The Other Side of Cannabis: Negative Effects of Marijuana on our Youth” www.oscdoc.com, and hold a Q&A. Belsher holds a Master’s in Addictive Disorders, has a child with marijuana addiction, is a renowned national speaker, and has been featured on TV, radio shows, and published in addiction journals. 


  • Understanding the changes to today’s marijuana
  • Awareness of the cognitive, Psychological, and behavioral effects on youth
  • Tools for parenting youth who are vulnerable to using THC, including prevention and intervention

Speaker Bio
Jody Belsher holds a Master’s in Addictive Disorders and a BSW in Social Work. She is certified Satori Lifestyle Coach and a Recovery Support Specialist and offers private family coaching. Belsher is the President and Founder of the 501c3 non-profit organization POSAFY (Prevention of Substance Abuse for Youth www.posafy.org) and CEO of HeartsGate (www.hearts-gate.com). She has spoken to thousands on marijuana and youth. Belsher has been featured on NBC-TV and dozens of radio shows, and her work has been published in journals, newspapers, and magazines. Belsher produced the award-winning documentary “The Other Side of Cannabis: Negative Effects of Marijuana on Youth.” 

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