Original Webinar: Friday, November 13, 2020

What Every Parent Should Know About Today’s Marijuana

Featured expert: Jo McGuire
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Jo McGuire will show parents what contemporary cannabis products look like and how they are marketed directly to their children. She will give an in-depth description of how and why adolescent cannabis use is harmful to the developing adolescent brain. Jo will then share her personal story as the mother of a teen addict. She will demonstrate the do’s and don’ts of creating conversation around the topic of substance use for children at different ages and stages. Links to resources will be provided, so you can learn more about this important topic.


  • Understand how to recognize the difference in contemporary marijuana-derived products vs. “old school” weed of the past.
  • Learn the impact of cannabis use on the developing, adolescent brain.
  • Develop a strategy for how to approach children at different ages regarding substance use along with prevention tools.
  • Recognize reputable sources for information about cannabis for future reference.

Speaker Bio
Jo McGuire is an advocate for safe and drug free workplaces, families, and communities. She was invited to serve on the Taxation, Banking, and Civil Law workgroup for the Governor’s Task Force to regulate Amendment 64 in Colorado due to her expertise in the field of workplace drug and alcohol testing. Jo is the Executive Director of the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association.She is a national conference speaker, published author, and the President and CEO of Five Minutes of Courage. Jo is also the mother of an addict and shares her story with parents of loss, love, hope, and healing.

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