Original Webinar: Friday, December 18, 2020

CANNABIS: The Basics and Beyond from the Emergency Room

Featured expert: Dr. Karen Randall

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Dr. Randall’s lecture will start with the basics of cannabis, so attendees will understand why the new high-potency THC and cannabis products are dangerous. She will then discuss the issues being seen in the emergency department, such as cannabis-induced hyperemesis, acute psychosis, polysubstance abuse, EVALI (vaping lung injuries), and cardiovascular/stroke presentations as they affect our youth and teens. Dr. Randall will then discuss how drugs have changed the community of Pueblo, CO, and what we may see in the future.

Associations Between Prenatal Cannabis Exposure and Childhood Outcomes – Sept. 2020
Emergency Department and Radiological Cost of Delayed Diagnosis of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis – January 2019


  1. Understand the potency of cannabis and what the terms mean
  2. Understand what medical issues are being seen in youth and teens
  3. Understand some of the many medical side effects of cannabis
  4. Understand how communities are changing for kids and what we may see in the future

Speaker Bio
Dr. Karen Randall is an emergency medicine physician. She has had residency training in family practice, pediatrics, and emergency medicine. Prior to moving back to Colorado, Dr. Randall taught residents and medical students at a large teaching hospital in Detroit. She currently practices emergency medicine in Southern Colorado, where she is the vice president of case management for the emergency department. Dr. Randall has a certificate in Cannabis Science and Medicine from the University of Vermont. She has served as an expert panelist for SAMHSA in DC, testified to many legislators, and spoken at numerous conferences and meetings, including parliamentary members in Australia. Dr. Randall is the co-president of Parents Opposed to Pot (POP) and serve as the medical advisor for Moms Strong.

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