Original Webinar: Friday, January 15, 2021 Webinar

Helping Teens and Families Utilize Mental Healthcare

Featured expert: Jay Voigt MBA, LPC, CAC III

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What do you do when your child has a Cannabis Use Disorder? This session is designed to give caregivers information on how to effectively navigate America’s complex behavioral healthcare system. Common challenges include identifying the correct service or provider, transitions of care, cost, and planning a course of treatment. Behavioral health issue are pervasive and can be extremely disruptive to family systems.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will learn:

  • Identify various entry points into healthcare to address behavioral health concerns.
  • Articulate an understanding of continuums of care and the role of a continuum in treating chronic illnesses
  • Consider elements of a productive therapeutic relationship.

Speaker Bio
Jay Voigt is a seasoned behavioral health clinician and dedicated leader with nearly 20 years’ experience working in complex systems and serving vulnerable populations. His clinical interests include family systems, trauma, attachment, and co-occurring disorders. Jay has experience working in various systems including schools, homes, jails, hospitals and outpatient settings.  Jay is the Executive Director of Mount Saint Vincent, a treatment center serving children and families impacted by substance use and trauma.

Jay completed an MBA in Healthcare Administration at the University of Colorado-Denver and he earned a master’s degree in Counselor Education from Pennsylvania State University. He is a licensed professional counselor and certified addictions counselor. He has experience serving on multiple nonprofit boards and advocating for policy change before the Colorado state legislature.

Jay lives in Westminster, Colorado with his wife Marcy. He enjoys the Colorado outdoors and spending time with family.

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