Friday, April 9, 2021 Webinar

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare: How My Son Died from Marijuana Psychosis

Featured expert: Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, CPAE (Johnny’s Mom)

Time: ALL-DAY SUMMIT with Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)


SAM President’s Opening Keynote 
Kevin A. Sabet, PhD – President & CEO, SAM

Cannabis Use: Risks and Beyond, What We Should Know
Anish John, MD – Positive Sobriety Institute

Cannabis and Opioids: Why marijuana will not help the opioid epidemic
Ken Finn, MD – Springs Rehabilitation

Social Justice Issues Related to Marijuana
Will Jones III, MPA – Communications & Outreach Associate, SAM

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare: How My Son Died from Marijuana Psychosis
Laura Stack – Johnny’s Ambassadors

Smokescreen Book Reveal & Interviews
Kevin A. Sabet, PhD – President & CEO, SAM

Women and Weed: Trends for the 21st Century
LaTisha Bader, PhD – Denver Womens Recovery

Marijuana and the Developing Mind
Aaron Weiner, PhD – SAM Scientific Advisory Board Member

Knowledge, Skills, Action: Youth Advocacy and Marijuana
Dover Youth 2 Youth

Local, State, and International Update

  • Local: What Coalitions Can and Cannot Do
    Dana Stevens – Director of Local Affairs, SAM 
  • State: Don’t Pass This Grass: Stopping Cannabis Legalization in Your State
    Stephanie Curry – Manager, Public Policy, Family Policy Alliance
  • Intl: Marijuana legalization referendum New Zealand 2020 – How the NO vote won
    Bob McCoskrie – National Director, Family First NZ

Cannabinoids and Medical Marijuana: What the Public Needs to Know
Greg Bunt, MD – Past President, ISAM

Workers and Weed: A Costly Recipe for Disaster
Jo McGuire – Executive Director, National
Ruth Bowdish – Managing Director, On Demand

Every Brain Matters
Aubree Adams, Corinne Gasper, Bronwen Skinner

A Night in Jail
Heidi Swan, Co-Author

Closing & Call to Action
Luke Niforatos – Executive Vice President, SAM

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The SAM Summit discusses the impact of marijuana on public health and safety. Programming and speakers for the SAM Summit are selected exclusively by Smart Approaches to Marijuana.