Friday, May 28, 2021 Webinar

Cannabis Use and Youth Development: The Latest Scientific Research

Featured expert: Dr Janni Leung
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This webinar summarises evidence on the effects of cannabis use on the development of adolescents and young adults. It draws on epidemiological studies, neuroimaging studies, case-control studies, and twin and Mendelian randomisation studies. It presents evidence from the latest research on the relationship between cannabis use with acute effects, accidents and injuries, cannabis dependence, cognition, education, other drug use, psychosis, depression, anxiety, bipolar, suicidality, and antisocial behaviour. It evaluates evidence surrounding observations after the legalization of cannabis for adult use. The webinar concludes that the regulation of cannabis after legalisation needs to minimise adolescent uptake and cannabis-related adverse developmental outcomes.

Learning Objectives
To share findings from the latest research that examined how cannabis use may affect the development of young people.

Speaker Bio
Dr Janni Leung is an epidemiologist and is a Global Substance Use and Mental Health Research Fellow at The University of Queensland in Australia. She has qualifications and training in public health, sociology, and psychology. In addition, she has strong research and teaching experience in epidemiology and biostatistics. She has published over 100 scientific papers and conference presentations in the substance use epidemiology field. Janni is committed to conducting high quality rigorous research to generate empirical scientific evidence to inform decisions to prevent substance use related harms in the population.

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