Party 0 – Igniting a Movement

Featured expert: Jake White

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Have you ever wanted a place to have fun and make friends without being pressured to drink, smoke or use drugs? So have thousands of other young people across the US. Jake White will share how he started a positive movement while still in school and how YOU can too! Learn from someone who successfully started his own business in college, won more than $10,000 in his campus’ business competition and took his movement on a national tour.

Learning Objectives

  • How to start a positive youth movement
  • How to prevent substance abuse in your community
  • How to engage more teens in prevention efforts
  • How to throw a sober party!

Speaker Bio
Jake White created his own business in college doing something people thought was impossible . . . getting hundreds of students to party without drugs or alcohol. His signature sober parties have reached thousands of students across the nation and attracted nationally known sponsors like Red Bull, Chick-fil-A and Pizza Hut. Today he teaches students how they can fit in, make friends and have fun while protecting their friends and their future. He is a vaping, drug and alcohol prevention speaker for his two companies Party.0 (alcohol education and sober parties for college students) and Vive18 (substance abuse prevention for middle and high schools). After his engaging and upbeat substance use presentations, he gives the audience his platform so they can host positive sober events for their community and attract hundreds of students to party sober. When he’s not serving colleges as an alcohol awareness orientation speaker, middle and high schools as a Red Ribbon Week speaker, or throwing sober parties with students, he likes to help the youth group at church and hang out with his wife and friends. You can find them snowboarding, skateboarding, playing board games, volleyball, disc golf, spikeball or catching up on funny movies.

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