Congratulations! You have booked Laura Stack of Johnny’s Ambassadors to speak at an upcoming event for your school or community! We are so excited to work with your teens, parents, and community members. Here’s what you need to know before, during, and after her talk! Please email [email protected] if you have any questions!


1.  Please complete our pre-program questionnaire a month prior to your event.

2.  I prefer one hour for school assemblies (not counting transition time), if possible. For parent coffees or lunch and learn, please also book one hour. For conferences, keynotes may be up to 90 minutes.

3. We arrive 30 minutes prior to each presentation to set up Laura’s computer. We will check into the front office, so please meet us there to escort us down to the meeting space. Please send the start/stop times for each presentation and the physical address for maps in this format:

Set up time:
Start time:
Stop time:

4.  My AV requests are detailed on this page. I have a PC with a built-in HDMI port. I show a PowerPoint with a video in it, so I will need audio from the computer. Please bring the HDMI cable to the front of the room to allow me to operate my computer during the presentation (I can’t place my computer in a sound booth in back). I will also need a microphone. Please change the batteries so they are fresh. Please test your equipment and connection with a PC (not a Mac or a Chromebook) prior to my arrival. I can’t give an assembly without the PowerPoint, so this is very important to have someone double check the setup.

 5.  Johnny’s Ambassadors is a 501c3 with EIN 85-0593925. Here is a link to our W9. All checks should be payable to Johnny’s Ambassadors and mailed to 4242 Hickory Oaks Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104.

 6.  I travel with my husband, John, our Chairman and COO. He will make all our travel arrangements. Please ensure his name is on the list to check in at the front office as well.

 7.  The student presentation and the adult presentation are different. We HIGHLY recommend teens do not attend parent events. We show drug photos and tell heavy details about Johnny that can be upsetting for young people. It is not our intention to scare children, make them sad, or incite their curiosity about drugs. We advise stating in the materials “18+ recommended. Students will have their own presentation with Laura during the day.”

 8.  A sample editable flyer, a letter to parents, and other promotional materials for the parent night may be found on the media kit page.

 9.  We recommend sending an announcement to the local newspaper and radio station, as well as parent newsletters and website. Please invite the other schools in the area to attend your parent night. The more, the merrier!

10. As an option (no charge), we offer a pre/post student survey to measure how my presentation impacted your students. Students would answer 10 questions before and after my talk. We then compare the results of those who took both surveys and send you an analysis afterward to present to your board, district, or administration. You can preview a sample here. Don’t send out this link, however, as you will receive two CUSTOM links for your school. The expectation is you would give dedicated class time for students to take the pre-survey the week prior to the assembly. Then students take the post-survey 1-2 days following in class. Students must take BOTH the pre- and post- test, or the results will be invalid, and you won’t have a good sample size. Let me know if you wish to participate at [email protected].


 1.  Please let us know who will meet us to set up. Also please advise if we should check in anywhere other than the front office and if there are any parking instructions.

 2.  We hand out #StopDabbing magnets to the students afterward. FYI, there is generally a line of students stay after to ask me questions or give a hug.

 3.  For conferences or parent breakfasts, we will bring a few copies of Laura’s book, “The Dangerous Truth About Today’s Marijuana: Johnny Stack’s Life and Death Story.” We don’t “sell” books due to nonprofit rules, but we can give one as a gift if someone chooses to donate to Johnny’s Ambassadors. Or, you can pre-purchase a book for each person and have them shipped prior to your event at $15 per book plus shipping.


 1.  Complete the post assessment for all students who have taken the pre assessment (if applicable). Results will not be valid unless there is a match on email address for each student.

 2.  As a follow-up to my talk (no charge), we suggest teachers reinforce the message in the classroom with our beautiful printed 16-page Youth Marijuana Prevention Magazines. We have middle school and high school versions, as well as a teacher guide and a pre/post test. These work particularly well in Health, PE, access, or wherever your substance abuse unit is taught. Let us know how many copies you need, and we can mail these in advance of my talk. The pages can also be used individually for discussion in advisory after my talk. Here is the page to all the teacher resources.

 3.  If a student is caught with marijuana at school, we offer a free 8-module self-paced marijuana educational curriculum with a parallel parent track (no charge for up to 20 students per month). After completion of the course, the student will receive a certificate of completion to send to you. Let me know if you would like the login information.

Thank you for helping Johnny’s Ambassadors educate parents, teens, and communities about the dangers of today’s high-THC marijuana on adolescent brain development, psychosis, and suicide.