The Sad Story of MaryWanna by Peggy Mann

“The Sad Story of MaryWanna or How Marijuana Harms You” is an Elementary School coloring book by Peggy Mann.

ABOUT PEGGY MANN. Peggy Mann published over 35 books in her lifetime, most for young readers. Since 1978, she specialized in writing about drug abuse, and she has written more for the public on the health hazards of marijuana than any other writer in the world. Her Reader’s Digest article, “Marijuana Alert: Brain and Sex Damage,” drew more orders for reprints in a shorter space of time than any article in their history: 3,000,000 orders in 11 months. She also wrote five books about marijuana, including Marijuana Alert, with a foreword by Nancy Reagan. On February 25, 1985, Peggy Mann was honored at a first-of-its-kind U.S. Congressional reception as “our nation’s foremost drug abuse prevention author.”

With permission from her daughter, Betsy Houlton, I have scanned and posted the coloring book pages below (click on the cover). Johnny’s Ambassadors is pleased to offer our ambassadors the ability to print, use, and distribute these pages in part or in whole.

This book is © 1988 Peggy Mann with illustrations by Naomi Boccio.