National Marijuana Facts Week© — July 4-10, 2024

Thursday, July 4 to Wednesday, July 10, 2024 is National Marijuana Facts Week©(NMFW)!

National Marijuana Facts Week (NMFW) is an annual, week-long, national health observance created by Johnny’s Ambassadors Youth Marijuana Prevention to raise public awareness about the dangers of today’s high-THC marijuana on adolescent brain development, mental illness, and suicidality.

The week-long observance kicks off with a “bang” on Thursday, July 4 and symbolically culminates on 710 Anti-Dab Day, Wednesday, July 10 (see what is Anti-710 Dab Day?). NMFW was created by Johnny’s Ambassadors to encourage educational events in communities so teens can learn what science has taught us about marijuana use and addiction.

NMFW brings together parents, students, educators, doctors, scientists, and community partners to save our youth from the harms of today’s high-potency marijuana. We aim to decrease the perception of harmlessness and reduce the use of marijuana by young people.

TO PARTICIPATE: Fill out the form below to download the National Marijuana Facts Week Toolkit with all of these activities and resources as a PDF:

  1. Attend our Preventing Youth Marijuana Use conference in person or virtually
  2. Watch a One-Hour Webinar with Laura Stack on a tour of a Colorado dispensary.
  3. Distribute our middle school or high school prevention one-pagers
  4. Enter the national teen anti-marijuana poster contest!
  5. Distribute our research toolkits
  6. Play our marijuana trivia online gameshow
  7. Use one of our free Social Media Campaign Graphic Series!
  8. Watch or share personal testimonies from those harmed
  9. Host a watch party of one of our Johnny’s Ambassadors Expert Webinars for parents or your community
  10. Start a Book Club using The Dangerous Truth About Today’s Marijuana book

Download Your NMFW Toolkit

Select some of the activities to do during the week of July 4-10 on your own or with your coalition, community group, or organization! In your social media posts, please use hashtag #NMFW and #StopDabbing. Please link back to our website, tag @JohnnyKStack on Twitter, @johnnysambassadors on Instagram, and our page on Facebook.

Participating organizations: