Our Voices

These are our stories of how marijuana and THC products (dabs, vapes, edibles, etc.) have harmed our loved ones. Please feel free to share this page with others.

To add your testimony to this page, please follow these guidelines:
* Keep your video to less than three minutes (strict).
* Be aware of what is behind you.
* Write out your story FIRST.
* Practice reading it aloud on your computer monitor to confirm it’s under 3 minutes.
* Sit in front of a window or turn on a lamp in front of your face (no light behind you).
* Make sure your camera is stationery (do not hold it).
* Position the camera straight on or slightly above your face (not looking up your nose). Prop up on a book or other item to achieve the correct height.
* Note the distance of my video below (make sure your face doesn’t take up the entire screen).
* Start your video, take a deep breath, look into the camera, and count to five in your head before speaking.
* READ your script (do not try to ad lib it)
* At the end, look into the camera, count to five, and stop the video.
* Email your video to [email protected] or if too large, upload at https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/laurastack.
* We will edit the front for you for a clean start and add the https://JohnnysAmbassadors.org website link to the back. Thank you!

Laura Stack Testimony About Johnny