Videos From Your Peers

This page features videos from young adults just like you, who have experienced psychotic episodes or suicidal ideations after using high-THC marijuana products. Do you have a story you’re willing to share? Your identity will remain confidential as we talk. Please contact me and to share your story.

Josh Constantine Shares His Road to Recovery from Addiction and Cannabis-Induced Psychosis
Ethan Andrew – How Quitting Marijuana Saved My Life and My Sanity

Harrison Chamberlain “A Voice in the Community” – speaking in 2016 at the Smart Colorado Denver Public Health Hearing

Teens testify on harms of marijuana use at the hearing of CO HB21-1317 Regulating Marijuana Concentrates
Turin Priola speaking at the 2nd Annual Johnny’s Ambassadors #Stopdabbing Walk, September 2021
Matthew Racher Testimony 1 About Marijuana Use
Matthew Racher Testimony 2 About Marijuana Use