Anonymous – January 14, 2023

On November 20, 2022, I had to go to my sons high school and pick him up because he was paranoid and delusional.  His diagnosis of THC induced psychosis later that day came as a shock as I did not even know what a THC wax Vape was or that this was even a possibility. He was hospitalized for six days, and then transferred to wilderness for three weeks. That didn’t work out, and we moved him to an intensely clinical inpatient program. His father listened to his pleas of misery and picked him up prematurely, and they are on their way home now. I am scared to death. He is not ready to come home, but I will embrace him with open arms, and have tried to set up as much outpatient therapy and resources for him as I am able to put together. I do not know what the next chapter will bring, but I will be there and walk through it with him and pick him up when he fails and keep trying until the day I die.

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