Happy New Year?

Happy New Year dear friends. I love you. Truly. Your love and support are helping me heal from Johnny’s suicide. Thanks to you, along with my darling husband John and my children and family, there was no possible way I could be alone.… Read the rest

Mary Lost Jesus

This Christmas, our 1st without Johnny, I’m thinking of Mary, the mother of Jesus, who brought Jesus into this world today. Oh, how she loved him, smiled at him, cared for him, and took pride in him. Then the day came for him to depart this world and join His Father in heaven, and he left her.… Read the rest

Laura’s Eulogy of Johnny

These have been the saddest days of my life, so it’s going to be difficult to share with you, but that fact that you are all here makes it less difficult. I’m probably going to cry and may not get through this quickly, but since you are our loved ones, I know you will understand.… Read the rest