How I Survived the Death of My Son

By Laura Stack

I survived it. The worst day of my life was November 21, 2019 at 1:03 AM, when the coroner told my husband and me our son had died by suicide a few hours ago, on November 20. In the immediate days following, I alternated between screaming, sobbing, and being unable to talk to anyone other than my immediate family.… Read the rest

Today, Sunday, May 3, 2020 is Bereaved Mother’s Day, a celebration of all mothers who have lost a child (always the Sunday before the traditional Mother’s Day).

To some women, Mother’s Day can bring sadness, because they lost a child to natural causes, an accident, an illness, a crime, or to suicide. Women struggling to conceive can also experience feelings of unworthiness or isolation on Mother’s Day. So Bereaved Mother’s Day honors these women’s painful feelings.… Read the rest

Happy New Year?

Happy New Year dear friends. I love you. Truly. Your love and support are helping me heal from Johnny’s suicide. Thanks to you, along with my darling husband John and my children and family, there was no possible way I could be alone.… Read the rest