In honor of Johnny Stack on the 2nd anniversary of his death by Laura Stack


To honor you, I get up every day and take a breath.
I force myself to lift up my head, stick out my chin, and smile with firm resolve.
I start another day without you in it.

To honor you, I say what I feel, take risks, and refuse to be silent.
Your warning is on my lips to keep people from following your path.
I take chances and tell the truth, even when I bring hatred to myself.

To honor you, I laugh with those who knew you and share you with those who didn’t.
You were my handsome, brilliant one, and your light has been snuffed out by evil.
Every day, I follow the calling to save others from the same fate.

To honor you, I vow to model your values of altruism and conviction.
I will forge ahead despite my pain and give meaning to your loss.
I will channel my love and grief for you into love for others.

To honor you, I will work to give your life and death a lasting and important meaning.
God chose me to be your mother for a purpose.
Until the day I see you again, I will live for both of us.

I love you. ~ Mom

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