Traci — November 29, 2021

Hi Laura – I hope this email finds you and your family well.
It’s so hard to believe the holidays are upon us…..a busy time for all.

I just want you to know my son’s PROGRESS….yes, progress.

As I look at this word and associate it to him, I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude.
First – I thank you for the work you are doing in marijuana prevention – the energy you place into Johnny’s Ambassadors and the love you provide through this organization.

Second – I know that you have empowered me – and I thank you for this.

My son, Alex, will have his 35th birthday on November 24th.
And – he has been THC and ALCOHOL FREE for four months.
This is going to be a birthday to really celebrate!

He received a DUI in July, and was placed on probation – and has had to attend counseling and probation classes.

He is tested weekly for THC, wears an alcohol ankle monitor, and has a breath analyzer, (IID), on his vehicle.

And…..he’s changed.

I have had authentic conversations with him.

Conversations in which he is not paranoid – conversations in which his mind does not tell him that his mother is “out to get him” – conversations in which he knows there is “no one else in the room” other than he and his mother…..REAL and GENUINE conversations.
And – I believe – I know – this is because he does not have the THC in his system.
He even unblocked my phone number – so I can now call-text him.
I’m praying that after his probation has concluded – this “reborn” Alex will continue.

Together we are working to educate-enhance and change the structure of the marijuana industry.

Peace to you and your beautiful family this holiday season.

My heart is so grateful to you and everything you have done and continue to do, in marijuana prevention.


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