Catherine W — July 26, 2021

My daughter has been using Stizzy heavily; it’s 80% THC, and suffered cannabis induced psychosis. The last three months she has some level improvement but not much, and the day before yesterday, she decided to go out on her skateboard on a very busy street at midnight, and she was hit by a car. She’s so lucky to be alive – she chipped her teeth, and she had a big gash on her head.

I believe the owner of Stizzy needs to be held accountable For the mini kids who are going to suffer brain damage because of his Vape pen and 80% concentrate that is out of this world too strong. Gone are the days of safe joint smoking. People like the owner of Stizzy have now made pot the most dangerous drug on the planet! I hope my friend an accident injury lawyer will pick up this case, because I feel the kids all over the nation and world are being brain-damaged unknowingly. I’m so sorry for your loss, and I’m so grateful for your foundation, and I will contribute just as soon as I possibly can.

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